MONO Halloween Outfit Ideas

Halloween: The MONO by MK way
There are two types of people when it comes to Halloween. First type; Starts planning their costume way in advance, and second type;  Starts planning their costume minutes before the party starts. Which one are you?
So, for those of us that only ‘plan’ on a quick last minute outfit, here’s five killer ways to style the MONO BY MK tees this Halloween. Whether you’re headed to a house party or you want to go cute/scary, we guarantee zero effort will be spared.
 #1 – MONO Cat
For the MONO Cat look, all you need to do is add a glam pair of leopard print trousers & a cat face mask to finish the look, obviously add a faux fur coat for extra glam. 
#2 – MONO Devil
You can't go wrong with a devil outfit for Halloween, pair the black illustration tee with a red suit, killer heels and devil horns. 
 #3 – MONO Ice Queen
We all know an Ice Queen, pair the white illustration tee with some white trousers, a white blazer, white shoes and some ice earrings. 
 #4 - MONO Skull
The standard skull outfit with a glam twist. Pair the white logo tee with a black skirt, boots and a faux fur jacket for the glam skull look. 
 #5 – MONO Snake
A bit of a different look, pair the black logo tee with some shiny trousers, a snake blazer and white heels. 
These are just a few ideas for those who don't want to go all out and dress up and just wear something they already have. 
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