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Jo is based in Warrington.
What is possibly one of the coolest jobs in the world? We’re going to go with Nail Tech. Allow our latest collaboration with JC Nails to give you a taste of what it’s really like.
Tell us about your Nail Tech journey so far – we’re dying to know how you got started!
I started out doing 3yrs of Art & Design at college... I enjoyed it, but found it wasn’t really itching my creative scratch. I moved onto Bricklaying... Carpentry & Joinery... again, not quite knowing what career path I wanted to take, just knowing it needed to be something creative. 4yrs down the line, when I had my little boy, I decided I didn’t want to sit at home all the time & chose to go back to college. I always had my nails done, pushing the boundaries on designs, shapes, length, and from there, came the idea that instead of spending £40-£50 every 3 weeks on nails, I could train to do them myself. Almost 5yrs in, here we are...!
So, what’s your creative process for putting designs together?
I’ve always had an arty side, knowing which colours work well together, which colours are a good contrast to each other... while also taking a keen interest in the latest trends. If a client comes to me with virtually no idea what they would like, I begin to pick for ideas. I ask what colours they like, which colours are a no-go. I show examples of designs they could have, and more often than not, if they like 2+ designs, I take a part of each design they like and mash it all together to create a totally bespoke set of nails.
What are your favourite designs or shapes to do?
I looooove long coffin nails... The shape is just heaven when filed correctly and the length means I can fit more nail art on. Although I can’t personally function with them, I also like a nice, sharp set of stiletto nails. My favourite designs to do include painting freehand leopard print, & embellishing nails with Swarovski crystals - I’m such a magpie when it comes to crystals.
Who would be your dream collab?
I have two nail artists in mind who I would love to collaborate with! First one would be Kostka Bojana - an international master educator of nails from Serbia. Her work is insane, & she takes everything from the shape & length, to the designs themselves, to the absolute extreme. Second one would be Nicole Casati, owner of Deadly Nails in Victoria, Australia. Like me, she has a love for leopard print, bling, and obviously nails, but is more commonly known for encapsulating dead creatures into her work!
Is there anyone you think has had a strong influence in your work?
I wouldn’t say anyone in particular as there are so many amazing nail artists in the world who have influenced my work.
Describe your designs with one word?
Is there anything you’d like to see more of in the Nail Tech community?
More support for each other! I have found it’s quite a bitchy industry to be in at times, and it’s so important to remain humble in your practice.
What about when you’re feeling a bit uninspired, what do you do?
I source my inspiration from everywhere & anywhere. I have an inspo folder of nails on Pinterest in case I’m having a rare blank-mind moment. I’m forever taking screenshots of colours & designs I’ve seen working well together - whether it be on clothes, wrapping paper, flowers - literally anything. Fashion also plays a part in what trends surface in the nail industry, so I’m always keeping an eye on the latest fashion collections and the latest celebrity manicures, to figure out what nail trend could be up next.
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